Top 5 Reasons to Visit St. Thomas this Fall

Historic and charming, St. Thomas is a wonderland all year round. But it’s particularly inviting in the cooler months of the Fall when the heat cools down– averaging 80 degree, sunny weather -the beaches are a little quieter and the crowds less dense.BolongoBay_BeachAtDusk5

Since we know you’re planning a visit, here are five top reasons to visit St. Thomas this Fall.

  1. Shopping. Shop till you drop along Charlotte Amalie’s Main Street. Make a stop at Cardow’s and check out the large selection of fine jewelry and precious stones at huge savings. Take advantage of a $1,600 exemption at the island’s many duty free shops. You can also take home some wondrous locally made crafts.image2
  2. Fishing. You’re going to get top-flight experiences angling on or off the island. Everyone will have a great fish story to tell and you can certainly join in. There’s offshore fishing for sailfish, marlin, Mahi-Mahi, tuna and wahoo. Inshore fishing can catch you some kingfish, bonito, barracuda or yellowtail snapper. It’s all year round sport, but the Fall offers some of the best weather for being near the water.
  3. Sailing. St. Thomas is surrounded by some of the serenest waters and eye-catching landscapes. There’s no better way to see them than from a sailboat or yacht. You can charter one or take a day sail. You can also learn to sail and eventually become a seaman in your own right.
  4. Golf. There’s the Mahogany Run and Herman E. Moore. Partake of an event or tournament. Play through the “Devil’s Triangle,” an intimidating cliff-side trio of holes at the Mahogany. The islands are home to four beautiful courses. It’ll be a great day under St. Thomas’s famous Fall weather.
  5. Beaches. If there’s one thing you can depend on at St. Thomas is a sun drenched coast with swaying coconut trees. Take a dip at Magens Bay, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Have a great meal while looking out at the ocean. There are over 20 beaches and every one perfect for lazy-lazy days.

Wednesday14 Sep 2016