The USVI Offers World Renowned Shopping

Looking for another reason to vacation in the Caribbean? St. Thomas, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, is home to world renowned shopping! Not that you needed convincing, but the Bolongo-Blog-image2shopping in Charlotte Amalie is one of the biggest draws for visitors to this tropical destination. Not only is St. Thomas one of the best regional duty-free destinations, but also one of the best worldwide.

There are several areas to check out, but the largest collection of shops and restaurants are found in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Here you will find hundreds of duty free shops lining the streets of the historic capital. The stores are housed in and among historical buildings, up and down winding cobble-stone alleys, and along the bustling Charlotte Amalie harbor. It makes for a truly remarkable experience- one minute you’re in a taxi zooming along the waterfront, the next you’re wandering through timeless mazes of vine covered alleys and storefronts. Not to mention the endless variety of cozy restaurants and fun bars tucked away for lunch or a refreshing drink!

The best buys on St. Thomas include jewelry, alcohol, china, crystal, perfumes, art, and electronics. And don’t forget, it’s duty free! You are allowed up to $1600 in duty-free shopping per trip to the Virgin Islands. Many resorts offer shopping shuttles into town, including Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. If you want the full experience, you can plan an island tour that takes you all over St. Thomas, visiting historical spots and beautiful sites, as well as incorporating shopping; you can even get dropped off in town to spend as much time as you’d like!

No matter what your reasons to visit St. Thomas might include, shopping in Charlotte Amalie should be on your list of things to do and places to see!


Tuesday29 Oct 2013