Rock n’ roll legends Stevie Wonder & Dave Mason at Iggies Beach Bar

Stevie Wonder and Dave Mason, two musical legends and Rock n’ roll hall of famers happened to meet up at Iggies Beach Bar & Grill last night.
And then there was music!

Stevie Wonder at Iggies 006

Who could have guessed who was coming to dinner when the car pulled up to Iggies…. low and behold, Stevie Wonder gets out and sits down for a bite to eat. We are so honored that he chose to dine at our beach bar while on St. Thomas. To everyone’s excitement he gets up to the mic and starts playing the harmonica with The Becca Darling Band. Later our good friend, Dave Mason who is staying here at Bolongo get’s back from dinner and him and Stevie Wonder treated us all to a fantastic jam session.
What a night! Spectacular! Fabulous! Unreal! I am sure everyone who was there have their word to describe the feeling of seeing the two of them at Iggies. Iggies is truly the place to be!!!

Tuesday03 Apr 2012