Greg Lao and family have been visiting Bolongo Bay since the 70’s

Happy 40th Bolongo!

Bolongo 70's with Greg Lao Joyce & Dick Doumeng and Belinda LaoI was 12 or 13 when I first came to Bolongo Bay with my mother in the 70’s.  I’m now north of 50, so Bolongo has been part of my life for most of its 40 years.  My mother originally fell in love with this spot on earth because of its beauty, peacefulness and the special people who founded it – Dick and Joyce Doumeng.  For my part, I grew up experiencing Bolongo over every decade of my life.  Along the way, it offered new and varied adventures (diving, sailing, nightlife) and new friendships. There are people at Bolongo (like Viola) that I have known for the better part of 40 years. Richard, Paul and Scotty have been friends since I was a gangly teenager, and as their families expanded to include Katarina, Colleen, Iselah and all their kids, it has deepened my connections.  It is this sense of friends and family that sets Bolongo completely apart from any chain resort. It’s a rare and extremely precious commodity in today’s world.

Bolongo has evolved in all the right ways over the years adding Iggie’s on the Beach – what has become the very best on-island eating and watering hole on St Thomas and the Lobster Grille with 4 star food to accompany the beautiful views of the bay. But importantly, Bolongo has also preserved the essence of what the Caribbean was all about in the 1970’s – a simpler and friendlier place where you can rest and recharge your soul or let yourself loose and have a great time (or a little of both).

In 1994, I got engaged to my wife Carolyn on a beautiful evening right next to the dock (it was actually half underwater – like a snorkel booze/ring hunt – she found the champagne and the ring). We’ve been here almost every year since. And now we’re able to share this special place with our own teenage kids who have fallen in love with the magic of Bolongo on their own right.

Lao family : Carolyn, Anna, Greg and Brendon

Thank you to everyone who has created and preserved such a wonderful and special place and all the cherished memories that it has been a part of. Happy 40th Birthday Bolongo Bay!



Wednesday01 Oct 2014