Enjoy the natural beauty of Buck Island, USVI

One of the best ways to experience the USVI is by water – boating, snorkeling, swimming, you name it! There are a number of places toSnorklers explore the unique marine and ecological habitats of the Virgin Islands, no matter what method you choose to experience it by. One of the most popular trips by sea from St. Thomas, is to nearby Buck Island. Located about 2 miles offshore, it is a short sail from Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

The 45 acre island was transferred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1969, due to its huge population of migratory birds, becoming the ‘Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge’. Along with the many species of birds, such as frigates and gulls, Buck Island is also home to a historic lighthouse. While no longer functional or open to the public, as one of three Danish lighthouses built in the US Virgin Islands, it still adds great character to the landscape! The surrounding waters offer beautiful marine life, in particular, endangered sea turtles. Visitors can snorkel or SCUBA through a shipwreck – the Cartanser Senior, swim with turtles, or just relax in the crystal clear water!

Heavenly-Days-There are several boat companies that offer day outings here, including Bolongo Bay’s Heavenly Days catamaran and the St. Thomas Diving Club. Bolongo’s famous ‘Swim with the Turtles’ sail goes to Turtle Cove, a popular destination for snorkelers, which boasts dozens of turtles that regularly hang out and snack on the grassy bottom. Contact the Bolongo Bay activities center for more information, or the St. Thomas Diving Club for information on SCUBA trips!


Wednesday05 Mar 2014