Crucian Hook Bracelet, has been a staple of Virgin Islands’ cultural pride for 50 years.

Jewelry shopping in the Virgin Islands is often one of the biggest draws for tourists to visit. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to show your loved one that you care than with a new piece of jewelry! Did I mention that there is no sales tax and all shopping is Duty Free? If you really want to impress your Valentine, why not incorporate some local culture into your gift as well?

The St. Croix hook bracelet, also known as the Crucian hook bracelet, has been a staple of Virgin Islands’ cultural pride for 50 years. Created by Sonya Hough of St. Croix, the original St. Croix hook bracelet dates back to the mid 1960’s. Local lore states that you wear the hook facing towards your heart if you are marred or taken, or wear the hook facing outwards if you are single or hookbraceletavailable. This bracelet has long been a symbol of true love, as well as creating a bond between the wearer and all who recognize it as a symbol of paradise! As many locals and visitors have come to realize, it is truly thrilling to notice someone with a hook bracelet hundreds or thousands of miles away from the VI!

If you’re searching for a souvenir that is as stylish as it is meaningful, look for the hook bracelet on your next visit to the Virgin Islands. While the original is only sold at Sonya’s store in St. Croix, there are many varieties to be found on all three islands. One popular version of the bracelet features an ‘anchor hook’ and can be found in the Bolongo Bay gift shop, as well as many popular shops around St. Thomas!

Wednesday12 Feb 2014