Bruce and Deanne Kimball, collecting signed Bolongo Hats to create memories

Bruce and Deanne KimballMy wife Deanne and myself came to Bolongo 9 years ago and fell in love with the families and the staff. Every year it’s like home coming. After we leave from vacationing in our usual room overlooking the bay we start planning how long we will stay next year and what will we do different. Back to THE HAT.

The hat signing started 5 years ago when my wife said on the flight back to Chicago “Pictures are nice but we really need something to look at to remember the people and the fun times”. It also helps place names to pictures as you get older. When we arrive, this has grown into; Where’s THE HAT or can I please sign THE HAT? At check in, the staff always try to be first on the HAT. It is now a ritual. Some even have special locations and since we started using colored marking pens their own colors.

Recently we have had guests sign the HAT .

Bruce Kimball hats

Thursday05 Jun 2014