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One of the most fascinating and striking aspects of the Caribbean can found off the coast, where endless marine life, coral reefs, and sea animals thrive. St. Thomas, the most popular of the US Virgin Islands, is home to many attractions that encourage tourists, and locals alike, to learn about these fascinating natural resources! If you are interested in getting up close with beautiful sea life, while enjoying stunning views, Coral World Marine Park is calling your name!

Coral World is located on the northeast shore of St. Thomas, right next to Coki Beach. Due to this terrific location, Coral World is home to many sea-life exhibits and attractions! One of these exhibits, an 80,000 gallon tank known as the Caribbean Reef Encounter, is a circular aquarium that received water directly from the nearby ocean. This reconstructed, natural living reef is an amazing site. Tons of fish, stingrays, eels, and other sea creatures swim freely around the entire room. Be sure to check out the fish frenzy at one of the twice-daily, narrated feedings, where the staff instructs the viewers on what they’re seeing!

In addition to the Reef Encounter, you can find touch pools, turtle pools, a stingray lagoon, and the shark shallows. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help guests interact with, learn about, and even get to feed some of the sea creatures! One of the most interesting features of the Marine Park is the Underwater Observatory Tower. The only one of its kind in the Caribbean, the observatory is located 100 feet offshore, connected by a bridge. Guests can descend 15 feet beneath the sea to observe completely natural and non-captive marine life. The scene is always changing as schools of fish, barracuda, turtles, and even the occasional reef shark swim by the viewing windows.

Visitors can get up close and personal with the marine life in a number of exciting attractions offered by Coral World. The sea lion encounter puts you in the pool with one of their trained South American sea lions. You can swim, play, and even get a kiss from these huge, affectionate animals. The Sea Trek activity lets you take a guided walk on the ocean floor and experience all the thrills of diving, without the technical training. Sea Trekkers wear a specially design helmet that allows your head to be completely dry, with a steady supply of oxygen. If you would prefer the real deal, The Coki Dive Center is located right next door!

If you are looking to make the most out of your vacation in St. Thomas while having fun, learning about your surroundings, and seeing lots of exciting sea creatures, Coral World is a great way to spend an afternoon! Bolongo Bay can easily arrange for transportation to and from the marine park, and will even work with you to plan your Coral World activities!

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Wednesday16 Oct 2013