Beach Ceremony Tip: Avoiding The Wrong Footwear for a Beach Wedding

Avoiding The Wrong Footwear

When you imagine yourself all dressed up for your dream wedding, you envision the beautiful dress, the perfect hair, makeup, gorgeous  flowers… and you’re probably wearing shoes. Fancy 550391_4663930631566_30973874_nhigh heels, maybe covered in crystals or something stylish but subtly matched to your theme… right? If you are planning a beach wedding, you can still have the dress of your dreams, but leave the heels at home! Many brides have picked out exactly what they want to wear and then can’t bear to part with it when the actual event is planned. Trust me, heels don’t work in the sand. That goes for your bridesmaids too! Wedges will find a moderate degree of success, but it’s not worth the stress of wobbling down the aisle in front of all your friends and family! If you are planning a more formal indoor reception, save the nice shoes for your big debut (on solid ground)!


What are your alternatives? Going barefoot of course! Beach ceremony venues, such as Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St. Thomas, are designed to be beautiful, yet casual, incorporating the natural surroundings to create a breathtaking setting. Who needs shoes?! If you do insist on wearing something on your feet (practicality is always a good thing), many beach brides will wear a cute pair of wedding-inspired sandals that can be removed before the ceremony, or that won’t collect too much sand while they walk down the aisle. A growing trend in beach weddings is also the ‘barefoot sandal’ or ‘foot jewelry’ – crystals and/or beading strung together in place of shoes.

To keep your guests comfortable, consider having a place for them to take off their shoes at the ceremony as well. No one likes getting sand stuck in their shoes, and we already know that heels will be a challenge! Of course they will have the option of keeping their feet covered, but it’s a great way for them to get into the beach theme!

Photo courtesy of Blue Glass Photography

Photo courtesy of Blue Glass Photography

Tuesday03 Dec 2013