Why winter is just better at Bolongo.


Why winter is just better at Bolongo.

Dedicated to our guests who are not so fond of the winter
wonderland that they call home.
By: SheilaBe

It’s 4am on a Wednesday morning in the middle of January. You haven’t slept a wink and you’re peering out your living room window into the below freezing winter darkness. You’ve got your jeans, turtle neck, ear muffs, mittens, and flip flops on, and you’re ready to go. Your cab pulls up and you’re off to the airport. Next stop: The Caribbean! Bolongo Bay Beach Resort here you come!

After a couple airports, 2 crying babies, a terrible airline movie, 2 stops at taco bell, and 3 lines for the restroom, you made it to St. Thomas! You step off the plane, sigh of relief, grab your bags and hop in a taxi to your final vacation destination.

You’ve got your shades on, your mittens off and your sleeves rolled up as the warm salt air blows through your hair in the safari taxi. Feeling exhausted and also somehow refreshed you pull up to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Welcomed by a warm smile, some sweet steel pan music, and an ice cold rum punch, you finally feel at home. You check in, the bellman takes your bags to your room, and you make your way to the Lobster Grille pool bar, because where else would your first stop be? You take a seat, kick your feet up, order a Bushwacker and admire the perfect blue Caribbean Sea. And this is how you’ll spend the next week of ‘winter’.

As if one would need any more convincing, here are a few more reasons why winter is just better at Bolongo.

1) Holiday happy hour is way happier on the beach! Toes in the sand and cocktail in hand at Iggies Beach Bar, can’t beat that! And don’t forget about our snorkel booze hunt!

image0012) We have all the same fun winter activities for kids as the colder climates,they’re just a little different. Instead of snowmen, we make sandmen. We still go sledding, but its on a unfolded cardboard box down a grassy hill (yes, local kids really do that here). We go skiing and boarding, we just go water skiing and paddle boarding. All while in our bathing suits rather than snow suits.

image0023) There is no snow, no freezing rain, no sleet, no negative wind chills, no heated seats, no ice scrapers, no numb toes, no frozen eye lashes…I could go on. (Although we do have Bolongo Bay souvenir ice scrapers for you to remember us by when you leave.

4) We are the smallest All Inclusive resort in the Caribbean! That being said, we offer one of the most extensive all-inclusive menus. Lobster, crab legs, steak, fish, pasta, prime rib, you name it! High end frozen and specialty drinks served by the best bartenders on St. Thomas. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something nice, and warm, for winter!

So come July, when you’re sitting on the deck of your lake house, soaking up that beautiful summer sun, remember that it doesn’t last forever, and remember us! Always check bolongobay.com for steals and deals and make sure to find us on Facebook to keep up while you’re away. Happy New Year to all, from your family at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.




Thursday04 Feb 2016