Cruzan Rum – Extraordinary Rum from the Virgin Islands

cruzan2St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, is home to beautiful beaches, charming old-world architecture, friendly people, and of course – Cruzan Rum! The Caribbean has always held the distinction of being the world’s epicenter for rum, thanks in part to pirate legends and everyone’s idea of vacation being synonymous with tropical fruity cocktails! This isn’t just a stereotype, however; the Virgin Island’s local rum is highly regarded throughout the world, having won over 30 Spirit awards since its founding. Cruzan is renowned for its smoothness, quality, and the pureness of the rum.

Cruzan Rum has been produced at the Estate Diamond distillery on St. Croix since 1760, and is named after the islands inhabitants, known as Crucians (pronounced Crew-shuns). The distillery still processes the rum according to their centuries-old recipe! The island was originally developed for agriculture and the production of sugar cane at many of the (still standing!) plantations. This naturally led to the production of rum, which still keeps St. Croix in the center of the industry!

There are many varieties of Cruzan Rum, from their classic dark and light, each aged for 2 years, to the award winning Single Barrel rum, which is aged for up to 12 years. They also produce very popular tropical flavors, which include Mango, Guava, Passion Fruit, and Coconut. You will find all of these products in abundance on St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, and throughout the United States! Virgin Islanders are very proud of their local product, and for a good reason! The USVI Department of Tourism even has a booth providing free samples of the flavored rums at the airports on island!

cruzan1Visitors may tour the factory on St. Croix and discover how the popular rum is made. This is a popular outing for tourists and locals alike! Some hotels, such as Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on St. Thomas, offer excursion packages for their guests to travel to St. Croix for the day and visit the Cruzan distillery. If you are interested in history or if you like rum, you need to check it out! Cheers!


Monday23 Sep 2013