Choosing Your Cake for A Destination Wedding

wedding-cakeThe comforting sound of waves crashing on a beach, a soft breeze blowing the palm trees above you, saying “I Do” with your toes in the sand… bring this romantic fantasy to life by planning your dream wedding in paradise! Who wouldn’t want a destination wedding in one of the world’s most exciting and starry-eyed locations in the world, the Caribbean? Even better yet, in the beautiful Virgin Islands!

The wedding details are easy to work on because Bolongo Bay, the top resort in St. Thomas, will work closely with you. Part of having a destination wedding is about trusting your wedding planner. It’s their job to make things as easy and seamless for you from afar! Some couples don’t want to have to make all the little decisions about the wedding day- that’s why they travel so far from home! When working with wedding specialists, such as Bolongo Bay’s high-quality team, it’s important to know that they will gladly handle all the details for you!

The wedding cake is one of the special details that many couples (let’s be honest… the brides!) will scrutinize and stress over, until they find the perfect combination of flavor, design, and detail! Many couples will gladly let the wedding professionals handle all of the day’s arrangements, but if you do want to be involved in some of the details, the cake is a great way for you and your fiancée to get involved! After all, a wedding cake shouldn’t just look amazing; it should be one of the highlights for you and your guests!

Creating Fantasy Cakes

One of the rising trends in the wedding industry is in creative design, especially with cakes! Whether in your hometown, or at a tropical location, we love this idea! Enhance your beautiful one-of-a-kind destination wedding with a truly fantastic cake! Ever think about using tropical flavors in your wedding cake? How about incorporating local, tropical flowers into the decoration? Imagine a delicious ‘Caribbean Black Cake’, an island classic made with local Cruzan rum, to stun your guests. Cruzan rum is made on nearby St. Croix, making this a great way to integrate your unique wedding location!

Of course, there are some special tricks that have to be done to preserve the wedding cake so it looks pristine and fresh throughout the ceremony and up to the wedding party. One common trick is to have a faux cake where the bottom layers are not really cake but decorated with fondant icing and cake décor and the top layer is the one that can be eaten. It’s also possible to have a wedding cake tier made of cupcakes or petit cakes which can easily be distributed to everyone as mini desserts.

local-flowersIt’s really important to rely on local bakers recommended by top establishments like Bolongo Bay in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Unless your Maid of Honor happens to be a pastry chef, you can’t very well travel with your local baker! If you are planning on visiting your venue for a site inspection before the big day, try to arrange a tasting with your cake vendor, but otherwise- trust your wedding planners!

Remember; try using tropical flowers and flavors! And why not use local ingredients! Want to bring a cake topper from home? Why not have a local wood carver create a custom piece instead! Have fun creating the most spectacular and special wedding cake that everyone will be talking about for years!


Friday09 Aug 2013