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Moko Jumbies in the Virgin Islands

The Moko Jumbie has been a cultural symbol in the Virgin Islands for over 200 years, and is even found on the logo for the US Virgin Islands Dept. of Tourism. The tradition of the Moko Jumbie can be traced back to Africa, and is fully embraced as a s...

Saturday18 Jan 2014

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Iggie’s Corner presents the Drink of the Week: Rumrita

Get your friends together this weekend and try a different kind of Margarita. Lime Rumrita 1  ounce citrus rum 1 n 1/2 ounce key lime rum 1/2 ounce triple sec Fill with pineapple juice, garnish with lime  ...

Friday17 Jan 2014

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Iggie’s Corner presents the Drink of the Week: Raspberry Mango Bay Breeze.

A refreshing cocktail to make you feel like you are sitting back on a lounge chair in the USVI!!! Raspberry Mango Bay Breeze. 2 oz Cruzan Raspberry Rum 2 oz Cruzan Mango Rum 1 oz Cruzan Pineapple Juice 1 oz Cruzan Cranberry Juice ...

Friday10 Jan 2014


What to do with your wedding guests at your Destination Wedding

When planning a destination wedding, it is important to think about your guests as well as yourself! Of course your friends and family want you to have your dream wedding, but they also want to spend time with you and your fiancé! If you are asking ...

Monday06 Jan 2014