3 Reasons Why A Sunset Harbor Cocktail Cruise in St. Thomas Is Spectacular

Every destination in the world offers a sunset cruise so if you are in the US Virgin Islands, what can you expect that would make a cruise different in a way that would be unforgettable and inspiring? After all a sunset is the same no matter where you are, right? There’s an orange-reddish hue against a darkening sky and the glimmer on the water creates a romantic or pensive mood depending on how your day went. But wait; there are at least 3 reasons why the Caribbean sunset is far more spectacular than anywhere else.

The Caribbean Mood

Most vacationers to the US Virgin Islands tend to say similar things about the “mood.” It’s upbeat, exciting, and a little mysterious. Once you get off the plane, the thrill is infectious. Part of the reason for this is because St. Thomas is the entry point for most visitors and also the island with the highest population. It’s busy, full of life, and steeped in history.

The sunset harbor cocktail cruise you will be going on if you book with Bolongo Bay Resort will introduce you to part of the history of the island. For instance, history books will show that in the late 1600s the government shifted gears with its plans for the island. Instead of being the dumping ground for slaves to work as cheap labor for the Danish West India Company, the government decided to develop the island as a harbor for passing ships. This was the beginning of a blossoming and beautiful tourist industry complete with bars, taverns and restaurants that popped up close to the shore.

The Caribbean People

While you’re in the Caribbean, you’ll notice how diverse the people and cultures are. Those who live there now are a mix of descendants of the original tribes as well as European Settlers and many more. Caribbean blogger Geoffrey Philip describes the people as “one of the most interesting, though unintended, social experiments in the world.” This really sums up the diversity of individuals but you’ll have to experience the fun-loving and friendly personalities on your own.

After the Sunset

The third reason why this St. Thomas sunset cruise is one you cannot avoid looking forward to is what happens to the island after the sun goes down. Many parts of St. Thomas Island come alive with energy as people spill out to the streets to enjoy a night on the town. Although you don’t even have to go far to enjoy great drinks and food as Bolongo Bay has quite a number of options like the pool side bar, Lobster Grill, or the casual Iggie’s Beach Bar. You can also make arrangements for a private dinner or party on the beach or in one of the function rooms of the resort.

While most people go into this type of harbor cruise expecting to have a wonderful time, they’re not typically prepared for just how majestic and wonderful the experience is.

Wednesday26 Jun 2013